“This stuff would make even paper taste great!”

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The secret we wouldn’t share is finally out.. for centuries cooks and conjurers have sought the perfect combination of salt and spice, the universal seasoning salt which makes everything go from decently edible to wickedly good.  And a couple of decades ago… we did it.  A seasoning salt so fantastic, so wicked good, it was positively sinful.

We did share.  We shared with friends.  We shared with neighbors.   We discovered our salt was positively addictive.  When people got perilously close to the bottom of their stash they’d call us begging for more, offering their first born sons as slave labor if need be.  We started using our salt for barter.  Then bribes.

Finally someone said it straight out: “Where can I buy this?”

And the fact was, we weren’t making it for sale.  We were making it for family and friends.  And the odd bribe.

But we’re wimps, we’ve caved under the pressure, and are finally offering our Wicked Good Salt for sale.  We don’t accept any responsibility, should you find yourself as addicted to our salt as our friends are.  But we’re more than happy to take credit for any compliments you get when you add Wicked Good Salt to your recipes.

Take a wander around our site, which has recipes contributed by our wicked good friends, and our blog.. which explores salt, spice, witches, whales, and the history of Scotland, New England, and the sea that binds it all together.

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Wicked Good Butternut Squash

Winter squash is one of the easiest vegetables to grow.. not one of the easiest vegetables, in my experience, to get into husbands and children. I can’t imagine why, I love winer squash, every single variety I’ve ever grown (and my list now tops 25 varieties). They’re a bit clumsy to store, mine end up [...]
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How to Sell Your Wife

Before there were newspapers, CNN, and twitter the general public had to rely on “street literature” or broadsides for the news.  For 300 some odd years the broadside was the tabloid newspaper, and often sole source of information, the broadside carried public notices, news, copies of speeches, even songs, and were tacked up on walls [...]
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Make a Better Burger with Wicked Good Salt!

Make a Better Burger

Fire up that BBQ and get ready for your best burgers!  Oh sure, you can sprinkle Wicked Good Salt on a steak, trickle it over a trout, or cover a chicken with delicious, but a little extra effort and you can make a blow them away burger… Mix: 3 lbs ground chuck 3/4 C finely [...]
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Hearty Beef Stew

Kailyaird Beef Stew

After grilling stew has to be the oldest form of cookery known to mankind.  From pots hung over a fire to the crock pot, cooking meat low and slow tenderizes even the toughest cut and allows flavors to blend into savory perfection. The secret to a great stew is to take the time to brown [...]
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Revolutionary Flavor

1775-1783 : The American Revolutionary War. But more to the point, a little sourdough starter got going in Boston… and it’s been going ever since.  You can still taste the flavor of the revolution with a yeast culture that has been around for almost 250 years. Yes, the sourdough starter sold by King Arthur Flour [...]
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Cloutie Dumplings or Clootie Puddings

Times change, cooking changes.. and before you know it that which was once common becomes rare and exotic.  Take the word “clout” for example, which used to mean a scrap of cloth or leather.. in other words, a rag. While I’m not entirely convinced many of Hannah’s recipes are something I’d take delight in trying [...]
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The Art of Cookery, made plain and easy: which far exceeds any thing of the kind yet published by a Lady

Printed in 1774 Hannah Glasse’s cookbook really was exceptional, for a number of reasons, but the recipe I find most interesting is the one for “currey made the Indian way.”  While “currey,” or curry, has been popular in India and Asia for thousands of years it was introduced to the west by sailors and merchants starting [...]
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